WI Tourism Stimulus Grant from Evers’ CARES Act is for “Covid-scare propaganda”!


This is a post copied from a Facebook group. While it is about Beloit specifically, the explanation of the money and the ‘strings attached’ is very eye opening and would apply to municipalities everywhere.

We need to first combat this nonsense at the local level,while also letting those who created and perpetuate this mess in elected office and Congress that they are going to have to clean up their own garbage or we won’t return them to office.


“There is an item of concern on the Beloit City Council agenda for tomorrow at 7pm. The CIty wants to apply for stimulus funds that come with strings attached from the CARES Act.

Item 6j: Consideration of Resolution 2020-163 authorizing the City Manager to apply for Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s Wisconsin Travel Stimulus Grant (El-Amin) to apply for a grant of a little over $68,000 to make up for “money lost due to COVID”. This is from $8 million offered from Governor Evers through the WI Dept of Tourism.

Here’s the catch: Marketing funds can’t be used to advertise normal activities to bring tourism back but rather further promote Covid scare tactics. If you wondered how communities were “bought” to require masks at the same time, now you know. This is another purchase of our community leaders actions. Money wont be available until next summer which means this scare tactics are intended to be here to stay.

Here are some examples of the use of funding requirements:
* Being open for business or occurring during COVID-19 public health emergency and ensuring a safe and healthy experience for travelers and resident consumers.
•Demonstrating that the destination/attraction/facility/event has implemented COVID-19 response measures to promote a safe experience for visitors/attendees;
*COVID-19 response messaging/imagery may include but is not limited to encouraging or demonstrating the need for visitors/attendees to utilize face coverings, follow social distancing guidelines, wash hands often and thoroughly, and limit attendance/close contact when visiting attractions/attending events.
* Campaigns with messaging around masks, social distancing and sanitization; and other COVID-19 response safety messaging, such as “We’re All In”.
*Emergency operation activities and services related to public health, emergency services, and public safety response
*Medical and protective services and equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE).
•Testing costs incurred by the applicant
*Cleaning, sanitizing, and other costs of COVID-19 mitigation in public areas and facilities.
•Purchase of services or equipment to facilitate telework by employees.
*Enhanced screening measures at events or event facilities.

This is NOT free money and it is not money to help bring back tourism. CARES $$ has strings attached.

Don’t take the bribe. Stop canceling events. The health dept doesn’t have the authority to require cancellation. We need to SUE THEM.”