What “Landlord Problem” ?!??

City Council;
I am responding to the landlord trashing article in the Gazette Sunday July 16, 2017 front page “Trouble for Tenants”
Let’s do the math.
1. Out of 10,000 rental units, only 2383 complaints were made. On average only one complaint per every four units per YEAR.
2. What percentage of those complaints were tenant retaliation for being in the eviction process? Don’t know.
3. What percentage of those complaints should have been a Notice to Correct sent to the TENANT and not to the landlord; “debris or trash on lawns”, “tenant vehicles parked on lawns”? Don’t know.
4. But let’s just go with the 2383 complaints: only FOUR escalated to a citation. That is a failure to comply of .17 percent. Said another way: that is LESS than 2/10ths of ONE percent!! In WHOSE universe is this a “Landlord Problem”?
5. Four citations in one year against 10,000 rental units is 4/100ths of one percent. I do NOT see a problem here.
6. When AFFORDABLE HOUSING landlords rent to less than desirable tenants, that reduces homelessness.
7. When AFFORDABLE HOUSING landlords rent their units, their units are AFFORDABLE. They could “fix them up” and raise their rents – but then, the units would no longer be AFFORDABLE.
8. Ric Donahue averages one complaint per unit per year: Do these complaining code inspectors not want ANY job security? They need to stop complaining.
9. SLMHR averages 3 complaints per unit per year, making THAT company in first place! 300 percent higher than Donahue. So why pick on Donahue?
10. Because Donahue has out bid the city to purchase properties to prevent city employee purchase and demolition.
11. City employees have demolished 10 homes per year for 10 years causing the SHORTAGE of affordable-housing units in our city to the tune of (coincidentally) 100 units. So who is the REAL problem here??
12. Out of 2383 complaints, only 440 were from COLLECTIVLY the 18 “worst offenders”. That leaves 1943 complaints left. If a landlord has 2 rental units and 8 complaints – statistically they are the number ONE worst offender, QUADRUPLE Donahue’s record. Hummm.
13. If Scieszinski has 10 complaints for 9 properties BUT those 9 properties have 64 total units, that makes him 1 complaint per SIX units which is 50 percent BELOW the city average of one complaint per year per every FOUR units. And he just got trashed on the front page of the paper.
So explain …
1. WHY we are front page trashing our largest INVESTORS in our city’s residential rental real estate market?
2. WHY would code inspectors want to force licensing and yearly inspections of all 10,000 units for a 4/100ths of one percent non-compliance rate?? How many more code inspectors would we need to hire for this fee-generating scam?
3. WHY do we need more ordinances, more fines, more “teeth”?? NONE of which changes human nature – as PROVEN in Beloit.

This is why Janesville has the state wide reputation for being a HOSTILE business environment.
I am so embarrassed by this trash article!!
Please apologize to the landlord community and please apologize to the 18 companies trashed on the front page! (Dale Hicks needs to stop being a putts!! DUDE, knock it off!! Apologize, too! YOU should have written this e-mail in support of the folks you represent !)

We need to celebrate that true to our midwest values, we are damn near perfect. To the point where we could ABOLISH the code department all together.
Now THAT would save us some money. Just let the police department issue the FOUR citations per year. Save our general budget, what, a million dollars per year ??

C.A.R.D. Citizen Association for Dignity and Respect