To Council Persons Gruber and Marklien..

To Council Persons Gruber and Marklien;
Please consider passing the council compensation.
An amount of $7200 per year would never cause any one to run “for the money”. It is pittance. A mere $600 per month, equivalent to 15 hours per week employment at McD’s.
BUT it does cover many of the expenses associated with a person’s participation in a city leadership position.
The two of you are in the enviable position of not thinking that the cost of an ink cartridge for a printer is a big deal. I’m guessing you have no clue the cost of a single cartridge for any of the printers available to you. Some of the others, however, and myself included, know to the penny the cost, and budget it six months in advance.
And psychologically, council leader compensation legitimizes the position as something more than a self-promoting advisory rubber stamp club of cheerleaders to the hired staff. An opportunity to decrease that perspective.
Our amazing city manager is not our city-manor’s Lord Granthem. YOU are. He is our masterful and dedicated butler. But not our city “leader”.
The two of you could consider making a show of donating your compensation to your favorite charity. It would be nice to advertise that at least one, (but certainly not all seven) has the perspective of someone having means, just one of many legitimate views.
It was embarrassing to hear the two “well-off” guys saying expense compensation couldn’t be significant to – others.
PLEASE remove the barrier to others in differing financial circumstances from being able to hold our leadership offices.
We are in desperate need of diversification in our voice, vision, representation, and protections.

Thank you for your consideration,
K Andreah Briarmoon
Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity