Save Monterey Dam and Lagoon !

City staff wants the dam out (goodbye lagoon – hello mud, weeds, mosquitoes) so that they can get a DNR $400,000 “clean-up” grant to put into the general fund as “reimbursement”, desperately trying to balance this one year’s budget.

How do they get away with such travesties?
No ward supervisors, no block captains, no citizen budget committee, city manager chosen citizens on stacked boards, no functional appeal process, blank check to city attorney to protect staff when they walk on us.

We have taxation without representation.
Fix local politics. Trickle UP..
Facebook: “Friends of Monterey Dam”
Council meetings: Every 2nd + 4th Monday 6pm City Hall, 4th floor, 18 N Jackson.

Lately, at a council meeting, 3-5 citizens with only 4 minutes to speak are out numbered by 20 – 30 city staff, on the clock, overtime pay, filibustering our 7 council members!! Only 20 of us changes that dynamic.

Take back our city!
Save our dam and our Monterey Lagoon and park!
See you at the next two council meetings; March 13 and 27 !!

Join Friends of Monterey Dam (facebook and petition)

Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity