Police “accreditation” for public approval confidence buffer

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group
P. O. Box 528
Hartford, WI 53029
(Call 1:00-3:00 Wed Mar 29, 2017 only a single two-hour window, no answer machine nor message)

RE: Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group Assessment Team
Janesville Wisconsin 2017

Sgt Brian Vaughn
608-755-3100 (no voice mail)

Dear Sgt Vaughn;

Rather than a police insider self-assessment process with a r-e-a-l-l-y long name and numerous techy terms to explain it, and a marathon of procedures to acquire it … Instead, there is a better way to have a buffer that is actually meaningful and effective per public opinion and confidence in these interesting times.

BACKGROUND for legitimate citizen protection from accidental or deliberate citizen harm from government employees and/or agencies is as follows:

Citizen Appeal Board: Every resident group (village, city, etc), prior to their incorporation, must first create a Citizen Appeal Board of citizens in order to protect individual citizens from being harmed by future employees of the new entity.

Thus, before this municipality of citizens decides to collect a bag of money from taxing themselves in order to hire folks to whom they give loaded weapons and code clip boards – they must FIRST have the citizen board in place to protect EACH individual citizen from possible retaliation, or extortion, or threats, or enforcement of ordinances to the letter of the law in situations contrary to common sense or intent.

Citizen bag of money and citizen written self-regulation ordinances, and citizens hiring employees to serve (not lead) the citizens,

PROBLEM: Janesville’s Citizen Appeal Board got inappropriately re-labeled the “zoning variance board”.
Secondly, the citizen board members have no outside training to know that they are the ultimate and final say.
Also, a citizen is blocked by city employees from appearing before this board as the employee simply refuses to put a citizen complaint on the agenda. The citizen must threaten court action.
And finally, the pamphlet to be handed to every citizen per every city employee interaction does not exist. The excuse is that endless run-around fake “appeal” “procedures” have been put in place by city employees to perpetually derail the citizen from ever making it to the authentic “Citizen Appeal Board”.

Our very own police department has been saddled with several of these citizen run-around mazes and delays.

SOLUTION: Become hero’s of citizen rights and protection by using the leverage of your Wisconsin’s police professional associate group to repair the function of our Citizen Appeals Board.
1. Correct the name from zoning variance board to Citizen Appeal Board.
2. Get legitimate outside citizen-advocate training for the board members of the Citizen Appeal Board.
3. Get the Citizen Appeal Board pamphlet written, and distributed to every citizen at every citizen/city-employee interaction.
4. Make access to the Citizen Appeal Board as simple as a pamphlet tear-off mailed to the Citizen Appeal Board chair person, with no fee, bypassing city employee interference.

The ultimate “pass the buck” is to forward any citizen complaint to the authentic entity, the Citizen Appeal Board.
Dump staff-consuming citizen run-around and citizen resentment-building fake in-house “appeal” procedures.
Save tons of paperwork.
Dump the deliberately exhaustive self-accreditation process.

Reinstate the function of the original and authentic police buffer to public opinion; the Citizen Appeal Board.

Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity