One-Room School House; Back to Basics

We have the most expensive educational system on planet Earth, yet our kids are dumb, rating below the top 30.
Throwing more money at an already over-priced and failing system will not fix it.

In a one-room school house our kids were brilliant. Now, a school looks like an MTV recording studio complex of rock star wanna-be’s wearing trashed mall clothing.

The one-room school house building was within walking distance and was used also by the neighborhood for family reunions, weddings, receptions, scouts, 4-H, and the weekly townhall gathering. Now, the school is a mega-complex day-time child penitentiary off limits to the neighboring citizens even for our voting polls on vote day.
Our neighborhood school is no longer the neighborhood center.

When hay needed to be bailed, kids missed four days of school for applied cottage industry math concepts superior to any book learning and the teacher didn’t lip off to the parents.

The teacher’s salary was the full budget. Now we pay for our teacher to have an administration wing and a separate administration complex of pyramid levels of supervisors all earning six-figures while the teacher is buried in bureaucracy requirements, and needs a union.

And when did “middle school” get added between grade school (k-8) and high school (9-12). Oh yes, to suck more numbers of children earlier into the gladiator sports arena complex of multi-billion dollar competition.
If we are paying for these athletic facilities, then, why do we citizens also pay to have athletic clubs with monthly dues instead of just utilizing these “educational” facilities?

If we eliminated everything but the teacher our taxes would be lowered so much that we could afford personally to send a laptop with each child.

If we had access and use of our neighborhood school, we wouldn’t have to double up by adding community centers.

In today’s money, had I been given JUST the state allotment for my five children, I could have hired a private tutor in our home. My kids would have thrived off the charts; learning latin, actually reading and even studying the constitution, obsessing in math and geography, then astronomy, etc. They could have skipped the playground bullying, skipped standing in countless lines when the bell rang in order to pee in gender discrimination bathrooms, or to eat junk food in a cafeteria of animal manners. And my private tutor would have received TWICE the teacher pay.

We want our neighborhood center schools back. We will select and supervise our own neighborhood teachers, double their pay, provide real food and a chef, take back our neighborhood community kitchen and meeting rooms.

Then we will take back our city hall, kitchen, and meeting rooms; return the patriot society, allow voter forums by LWV to happen in our chambers.

We then could mandate a 10 percent maximum tax cap.

Back to basics: we want our own neighborhood teachers in our own neighborhood center school building.