No Tenant Accountability

City Council,
Apparently a resident can break ANY ordinance on the books and get away with it without
accountability IF they are a tenant.
Apparently “the city is required to send all notices to correct to the owner of a
property.” according to code inspector Sheryl Inman in her July 17, 2017 letter for
309 Park Avenue #20170955.
Tenant Sheila Renz moved out and left a full couch and glass covered side table on
the curb. The glass got busted into 100’s of shards.
She was informed to remove it. She was informed that she was violating an ordinance
and would receive a warning and then a fine.
I called and left the complaint myself with the code department, along with Renz’s
new address, 208 S Main in the Garden View Apartments (TIF deal).
But the “Nuisance Ordinance”, which reiterates dozens of prior ordinances on the
books, apparently says to mail the notice to the property owner!
Was that your intention?
That residents, if they are a tenant, are no longer accountable?
Are we landlords now the legal guardians and parents to all tenants? Are tenants
now legal dependents upon the landlords? Do landlords get to claim them as dependents
on their tax returns?
Are code inspectors required to use the “Nuisance Ordinance” rather than the prior
original “No trash in the yard” ordinance that would fine the trash-leaver/creator?