NO Alliant Energy Utility Company Trespass!

Today, Monday July 10, 2017, Alliant workers came on to my property to change out the outside gas meter.
Without ANY prior notice; not mailed, not posted.
Without my knowledge.
Without my permission.
Without an appointment, or the option for an appointment.
Without me being present.

They mutilated my landscape bush when holding it to the side would have been adequate. Which I myself on their behalf would have done HAD I BEEN there.

They went INTO my HOME foyer and left a second orange tag on my parlor door INSIDE my home.

And when I got home to this news from the upstairs tenant, the gas was turned off to the entire house. So that Alliant works would have to make a return trip. How inefficient and inconvenient is that procedure?!

They refused to make an appointment for this return visit, with the high probability that I would need to leave again prior to their return.

When I complained to a call center supervisor, Shawn, about no notice and trespass, he said, “We can service our equipment any time we want because we own it.” (!)

I replied that they needed to GIVE ME NOTICE and that I own the property and the home, and was the legal residential resident.

As a property manager to a tenant, I am REQUIRED BY LAW to give a 12 hour WRITTEN notice with proof the information was received! And this is required of me even though I own the property, and own the building, and own everything in it; the furnace, water heater, furnishings, plumbing, electric, stove, frig, etc !.

Alliant may “own the equipment” (two meters) but I own the property and the home. And I am a United States citizen, who has actually read the constitution.

AND they endangered themselves. Wisconsin has the right to defend one’s castle law. How dumb to trespass!

Appointments cut back on return visits – and thus – SAVE MONEY.

Alliant Energy as a company is NOT above the law. Written 12 hour notice is the absolute minimum.

As a service company who does not even own the property land or home, they need to make an appointment as the first priority, notice-only as the last resort.

If they were not an illegal monopoly, maybe better customer service and saving money would be a higher priority. But certainly respecting our constitutional private property rights is a requirement!