Landlord retaliation by city staff; Donahue

Council Members;
Contractors clear the construction-site extra items to the dump, which is cheaper and faster than returning them to stores for credit. They were already paid for in the bid.

Several economically disadvantaged tenants will scavenger dumpsters, landfills, and construction site clean-up areas to return items for store credit – to pay rent.

It apparently is illegal for persons to recycle these discarded items, which seems ridiculous. They get run out of the landfill regularily, and go in at night.

Donahue had to take Jeniffer Petrozello to court to force her to pay the late fees when she paid Section 8 rent vouchers late one month. He won.

The late fee was per the contracts that she herself had inspected, signed, and approved but later she said was “excessive fees”. She retaliated by dropping him from the Section 8 program. Which is a dis-service to tenants as he was willing to put up with all the bureaucracy of the Section 8 program.

When a Section 8 tenant renews a year lease, the landlord is written up at the time of renewal inspection for any prior year tenant damages and called “non-compliance of federal quality standards” and “failure to meet state or local housing codes”. The tenant-damage repairs must be made at landlord expense, and the landlord then has “a history and practice” of “non-compliance”. That is why most landlords refuse to deal with Jeniffer’s Section 8 program. Over 50 percent of units will have been damaged with write-up against -the landlord- for tenant damages.

Jeniffer also refuses to allow tenants to use their Section 8 voucher toward home purchase, which would increase the percentage of owner-occupied homes and be a huge benefit to our low-income neighborhood.
Donahue regularly purchases homes out from under Jeniffer and has them repaired and re-rented 30 days later. But she wanted to demolish the home and haul it to the dump. She’s taken 90 of our historic homes so far from our neighborhood!
She’s clearing land in our neighborhood with CDA block grant money for “green space” future commercial redevelopment (“ethnic cleansing”) TIF corporate welfare.

She retaliated once for his purchases by not giving him the 30 days after purchase to do repairs, but wrote him up prematurely just days after the purchase on some 60 or so violations and had it on the front page of the gazette. If 5 one-dollar plastic light switch covers are missing, she counts that as five separate “violations”!

It is against state statute for Jeniffer to compete against or to out bid real buyers for these properties. But she does so regularly, and has out-bid numerous real buyers who are furious with her. Our city attorney defends her on our dime when she’s sued for wrong doing. That policy needs to be changed !

She focuses on the Five-Points TIF District (north-west corner of our neighborhood) where she gave $280,000 of our CDA neighborhood stabilization money to Ken Hendricks to tear down the historic Connor Dairy Building across the street on Center Avenue.

Hendricks NEVER even filled out a grant application. It never went before the CDA board or for public hearing because “the board had already approved the broad general category a year earlier”.

And her salary, benefits, and office staff size are all horrifically excessive.

Our neighborhood would be better off without her or that CDA (Community Development Block Grant) money, since she uses it mainly for destruction of affordable-housing units.

Fourth Ward home owner, realtor, broker, property manager, landlord, prior low-income divorced single-parent of five children, prior board member of LWV, CAP, LAW, NLCC, ProSe Rock Co and ProSe WI.