Historic Gas Station Citizen Badge of Honor

Dear Council Members,

Please consider to simply transfer title, ownership, cost, and responsibility of the historic gas station to the preservation group and be done with it.

Take it out of the budget. Save the costs of demo, salvage, storage, and patchwork monies.

Get out from between citizen preservation efforts and past city employee historic plundering.

And then don’t ever re-visit the issue again unless this preservation group comes back to the council begging that you take it off their hands and demo it for them. Which you already know would not ever happen! Get yourselves off the hook.
Gale Price has already admitted that the only barrier to leaving the historic gas station intact would be the cost of relocating some utility meters! By expanding the police station to the north the utility meters would need to be relocated. That is much cheaper than demo of our historic building.

Win, win, win.

That gas station is our historic jewel and legacy to our citizens, to our working class, and to our GM prosperous history.
That gas station belongs to we the people, to our citizens. Not to any city employees.

That gas station’s current location could not be more perfect than to be located in the heart of the civic buildings that we the citizens built with our tax money for the city employees whom we hire to serve us.

Transferring ownership and stewardship of the historic gas station to the CAP preservation group is only logical and appropriate.

Did Mr Price assist the gas station preservation group with their letter of intent? No, he led them on to think it was fine, sent them on wild goose chases, sabotaged their efforts, deflated their egos, withheld finance information from them pertaining to TIF and other funding sources, didn’t help orchestrate their member base, did divide and conquer maneuvers, and then turned on them at the council meeting.

Please transfer title of the building to the preservation group. Will they panic at the prospect? Probably. But the ultimatum of “take it on or kiss it good-bye” will allow them to rise to the occasion. And will bestow to them their authority to accompany their accountability.

When everyone knows the building is no longer on the chopping block, the numerous concerned entities can then rally their resources for any number of re-uses, and maybe even a possible future museum.

Then our national historic citizen gas station can reign on her current corner, overseeing our municipal buildings in our revitalizing downtown.

Thank you so very very much for allowing me to forward this solution for your consideration.