Gas pump drive-off is debt collector territory, not a police call.

City Council;
No new ordinance controlling businesses. Simply change police policy, like when
they stopped unlocking cars for citizens who had locked their keys inside.
Kwik Trip sends a letter to accidental drive-offs, with a return envelope for payment.
As the paper says; only 20 of 165 were intentional.
Thus, no ordinance dictating to businesses needs to be created, or enforced, or opted
out of.
Pre-Pay-Only has many negatives:
1. Pay inside allows for the purchases that actually keep the business open, since
the gas mark-up is not sufficient.
2. Paying inside is job security for employees.
3. Pre-paying gas ties up double that amount on your credit card which is not cool.
4. The 20 deliberate drive-offs who don’t enclose payment can be sent to debt collection
resulting in negative effect on credit scores, which is a negative against being
hired, higher insurance rates, etc.
5. Pre-pay Only stations without a store are creepy, non-staffed, more dangerous,
and less maintained or landscaped. Slum-y looking.
6. No one should be calling the police when someone doesn’t pay their bill. No ordinance
needs to be created that would dictate customer-service policy to a private business.
I always pay inside. I leave a station and go to the next if they have pre-pay only.
Business owners will decide how they will adjust and deal with their own customers
without an ordinance. They can decide if they want to invest in pre-pay technology.
Just change the police policy to “no more responding to gas pump drive-offs”. Simple.

We the People
Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity