Council Member; Meeting For Tea. PS: OPEN the Monterey Dam GATE

Dear Ms Conley;

I’m waiting on that to observe your actions.

It sounds like you campaigned to be rubber stamp and promoter to city employee agenda as puppet and megaphone at the expense of the citizens, like Kay Deupree, and Mike Gruber, and Paul Williams, and apparently Marklein as well, and certainly that new guy; all of whom say that the employees “are the professionals and are in charge, in whom we must have faith, trust, and belief” like they are a damn church.

Citizens are treated like sheep. Even eye-contact can get you goose-step slandered by the other council members and gazette (ie: Jens Jorgenson, and earlier, Greg Addie).

Example: the “citizen” head of Shine speaks for more than 4 minutes, has a script, slides, the remote – and took more $21 million dollars from us.

Meanwhile, Gary Schultz is trying to DONATE $200,000 and then the entire labor and materials cost of Monterey Dam repair and he gets treated like cancer. He volunteers to be a city employee which would eliminate the “bid protocol” so that he could use local folks. They panic. They are SO rude to him!

We have buyers for the dam. The employees are not interested?? in “dropping their long term liability” and saving the $700,000 removal expense?

WHAT is going on?

Oh, yes, of course: 1. Confiscating our lagoon for their next polluted waste water mitigation holding tank, 2. “Accidentally” disturbing the contaminated silt so that GM is off the hook so that they can quickly dump their facility, 3. Get a federal $400,000 bonus for a dam removal, 4. Drop Fourth Ward and riverfront property values for continued municipal confiscation.

Citizens pay the cost.

The citizens are banned from meeting and using OUR city hall, and are saddled with a non sustainable budget and TIF corporate welfare scheme, are having our affordable housing neighborhood systematically cleared for commercial redevelopment. The employees and council fix committees, boards, and appointments. Citizens who are appointed representatives of we-the-people are called “volunteers”.

Our budget: No citizen budget committee, or comment, input, questions, or suggestions; we just get to watch city employee filibuster sessions

Little Janesville has 3 city managers, multiple department heads, even code inspectors who make 6 figures. Our landfill money maker got robbed for the general fund and we got the wheel tax and a garbage tax that got raised FOUR times BEFORE they delivered the “homeless-housing” containers.

Employees are forced to pathologically lie; Mike Payne saying that opening the gate “would only be like a pin hole”.

Well then, OPEN the dam GATE!!

The prior council eliminated the charter ordinance requiring ward representation on a two-year election cycle, which was a training ground for council representation, and would give us 28 folks with authenticated authority to prevent citizen atrocities.

Such as; code inspector confiscation of homes without due process or compensation.

Such as; sidewalk victims not getting compensation for the portion of their lots lost to public-use terrace.

Such as; code inspectors stalking neighborhoods and writing folks up WITHOUT the prerequisite citizen complaint; then writing FINES instead of citations to which a citizen would have access to do process by being able to plead “not guilty”. Right now, city employee code inspectors are judge and jury.

Our ordinances are in non compliance.

City employees sit at the council table. The city attorney, in conflict of interest, is asked questions about citizen and council member rights when he represents and protects city employees on our dime when they violate our rights.

Procedures are designed to generate fees at the expense of innocent citizens. Examples include: Landlords are given citations that are to go to the tenant violators. Eviction tenants can retaliate with a code inspection and code does not set up the appointment via the owner/landlord/manager, nor simply ignore it, since they are moving out anyway.

Taxation without representation.

The saddest part is that our lovely city as a whole is denied access to and orchestration of the collective brilliance and generosity of our 28,000 households while the city hall employees are made to look like fools and jerks.

GM left.
We need a Republic for and by the people more than ever in our entire history of our community.

Thus, I will watch with interest how your campaign translates into actions.


PS: OPEN the Monterey Dam GATE

Bcc: Monterey Dam Association membership