City police staff put on citizen board ?

Police staff to be put on citizen board?

Last night, under “Policy 66A” the city staff requested putting police on citizen board. The staff called it a “policy change”.
All proper procedure was disregarded!
The appointment and election of our representative citizens to boards, commissions, and committees provides to us our citizen leadership who supervise our hired service city staff in order for our city governance organization to be effective and responsive. Not the other way around.
The election and appointment of those citizen leaders is governed by Wisconsin state statute, and city charter ordinances. Neither statute nor ordinance includes city staff as appointed members, because that would be unconstitutional and an obvious conflict of interest.
The statute and ordinance dictating the membership of these ruling bodies can not be changed with a “policy”. There were no public readings, there were no public hearings,
And also our board members are to be appointed by the Citizen Nomination Board without city employee or council interference. This never went through them.
The city attorney does not represent elected council members. Nor does he represent the citizens. Thus, why was this not reviewed by an attorney retained on behalf of our citizens and our elected council? Such as prior elected city council member Attorney Tom McDonald?
And also, name one corporate entity that has the hired staff sit at the boardroom table with the board of directors at the board meetings as though they are elected members of the board. Why do we?
Hired city employee staff are not members of our citizen elected and appointed representative boards, commissions, or committees.

K. Andreah Briarmoon

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