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City Council

Appeal the Beekeeper “ordinance”

We need a Citizen Ordinance Board of private attorneys to revise our entire book of ordinances, and dump these fee-generating and government-growth violations against our rights. The “beekeeper ordinance” passed by Janesville WI city council Monday April 8, 2019 must be appealed. This ordinance “allows” beehives, and requires 1. $50 […]


NO Alliant Energy Utility Company Trespass!

Today, Monday July 10, 2017, Alliant workers came on to my property to change out the outside gas meter. Without ANY prior notice; not mailed, not posted. Without my knowledge. Without my permission. Without an appointment, or the option for an appointment. Without me being present. They mutilated my landscape […]

7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration

7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration: citizen advisory recommendation Wording is a misleading double negative Most unfortunately, the news misleadingly will read “Committee favors dam removal”. But the opposite is the case. Seven out of ten of the Monterey Dam Citizen Advisory Committee members […]


GM Train whistle middle-night music

We still wake up at night when we don’t hear the train whistles; what we used to hear. A huge gap in our lives. Why? Because of what that train whistle represented. That train was making deliveries to GM. Thus, that train whistle, and train car rumble meant 7000 families […]