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City Council

One-Room School House; Back to Basics

We have the most expensive educational system on planet Earth, yet our kids are dumb, rating below the top 30. Throwing more money at an already over-priced and failing system will not fix it. In a one-room school house our kids were brilliant. Now, a school looks like an MTV […]

Property confiscated via Code Dept procedure

Property confiscated via Code Dept procedure (now the “Compliance Agreement” ordinance), without compensation or relocation costs, without eminent domain procedure or state oversight, without due process, or court file, or judge signature AND the citizen was sent the bulldozer bill. Attached: Partial victim list, copies of felony fraud Lis Pendens […]

7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration

7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration: citizen advisory recommendation Wording is a misleading double negative Most unfortunately, the news misleadingly will read “Committee favors dam removal”. But the opposite is the case. Seven out of ten of the Monterey Dam Citizen Advisory Committee members […]

Save Monterey Dam and Lagoon !

City staff wants the dam out (goodbye lagoon – hello mud, weeds, mosquitoes) so that they can get a DNR $400,000 “clean-up” grant to put into the general fund as “reimbursement”, desperately trying to balance this one year’s budget. How do they get away with such travesties? No ward supervisors, […]

Monterey Dam; Questions Needing Answers: repair verses removal

Between our two dams is a two-mile stretch of deep quiet-water ideal for all non-motorized water sports activities, an amazing recreational asset, with lagoon and pedestrian-access slope-walled erosion-protection banks. We just need a few entry ramps and piers. 1. If our dam was a $200,000 home that needed a $7000 […]


ARISE TIF (downtown re-development Tax Increment Finance District)

Elected citizen representative City Council members; ARISE TIF (downtown re-development Tax Increment Finance District) siphons $5.4 million from general fund over next 27 years! How will you be fixing THAT? City employees for 10 years used CDA Community Development Authority block grant funds ($750,000/year!) to demolition over 100 affordable-neighborhood homes […]


GM $25 Million Endowment Request

March 16th, 2016 To our current elected City Council Member Representatives; The $25 million dollar endowment request to GM is brilliant. We must legitimize that request. That endowment would generate over a million dollars per year. That annual revenue would completely cover capital projects so that we would have no […]

Monterey dam flow gate

Council members; Please consider the following: If we open the Monterey dam flow gate all the way, then we will see the 6 foot drop of the river level under the parking ramp. Without the Monterey dam repair, then we can not control the river level at downtown or at […]


Concern over Inter-Departmental Referral Practice and 11-17-15 Notice to Correct from Code Dept

DELIVERY: E-mail and Hand Delivery on Letterhead TO: Council Member Community Leaders elected by and representing and protecting our citizens; Bobzien, Deupree, Farrell, Gruber, Liebert, Marklein, and Tidwell. COPIED: Our hired city staff, servants to the citizens of Janesville; Freitag, Moore, Clippert, Jenson, and Klimczyk. Tuesday December 15th, 2015 RE: […]