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Citizen Board

Citizen advisory recommendation: Wording is a misleading “Double Negative”

**7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration: citizen advisory recommendation Wording is a misleading double negative Most unfortunately, the news misleadingly will read “Committee favors dam removal”. But the opposite is the case. Seven out of ten of the Monterey Dam Citizen Advisory Committee members […]

Flood; the dam bypass gate is “broke” or was used for a fake flood crisis?

When downtown flooded, did Afton flood too? And/or Beloit? If not – then could downtown flooding have been a staff created and/or allowed “useful” crisis to get federal emergency grants to clear river frontage of Adam’s Roofing and residences ?? For the purpose of future commercial redevelopment and individual profit […]


City police staff put on citizen board ?

Police staff to be put on citizen board? Last night, under “Policy 66A” the city staff requested putting police on citizen board. The staff called it a “policy change”. All proper procedure was disregarded! The appointment and election of our representative citizens to boards, commissions, and committees provides to us […]