Carriage Barn demolisted

Tuesday 08-08-06. The city took my carriage barn this morning at 7:30 am. Two police cars blocked me in my home driveway so that I could not get there right away, false imprisonment.

Upon my arrival at my carriage barn property, they arrested me as I got out of my vehicle, for “obstruction” when i had not even crossed their “police tape” preventing me from going onto my property even though they had no authority to stop me, no warrents, and it was a civil, not criminal, matter.

The police had to obey these illegal unethical immoral and unconstitutional orders or they would have been fired with no appeal recourse since the “fire and police commision” citizen board is a rail road job of self appointed city council members and citizens chosen by the city manager with no board or advocate training, with no public application or interview process.

Janeville Gazette 8/8/2006

The city destroyed most of the contents in my barn, estimated value of $7200 dollars. They pulled up the yard signs even though they were located on the lot line and not in their path. They impounded my vehicle and charged me 52.50 to get it back, returning me back to the carriage barn property and leaving me with no transportation.

They also towed the cars of my tenants and a friends truck. They called him to move it. He was on his way but it was towed within 5 minutes of their call to him.

They charged me at the station also with “resisting arrest” two tickets, $500 fine to which I will plead not guilt and get jury trials. They did finger prints and mug shots, my very first “arrest”.

My son Micah was also arrested and charged with both counts though he also did no resistance and was breaking no law by being on our property.

They kept us in holding cells long after the processing was complete, refusing to allow us to leave until they got the okay from the code people, another false imprisonment.

I had given all documents to the police last Thursday saying that if the city alleged I was in comtempt of court of their interpretation of one of three conflicting judges’ orders then the city needed to call their attorney and take me to court, that the police did not have authority to help the city trespass on a secret day to do property destruction, and I requested in writting, their protection of my property and rights. Last time I did a report and brought documents, the documents “got lost”.

Four neighbors did videos and photos, and are getting me copies. I made a videoed statement at the police station for which I have requested a copy. TV 3 and 27 did interviews and their report was on the 6 oclock news, but not on the 10 oclock.

Janesville Messenger – 8/31/2006

At 10:30 am, three hours later, the police and code department did a publically announced press conference, but locked the doors and kept us out until it was over, in the police station public conference room in a publically owned police station.

Code is legally required per WI Statute 66.0413 to strip and salvage parts of the building and remove and deliver all personal property. They did neither.

City ordinace says that proper razing of a building requires taking the concrete slab and foundation, putting down black dirt, and sod to restore to dust free surface. They left behind the concrete and foundation. No black dirt, no sod. They damaged the 200 year old malple tree, and I hope she won’t die.

They did not do the required testing for lead base paint or asbestos. There was definately lead base paint, and they took none of the required precautions, endangering the health and safty of tenants and neighbors.

We need a real Citizen Board of Appeals to protect us, our democratic checks and balances to prevent this unbridaled abuse of city administration authority against citizens and city employees. We need real representation and not the gerrymandered mess we have for special interst to walk on the general public. We need our 27 ward supervisors as required by our ordinances, but the city council refused to implement. We need four neighborhood alderman districts so that we have a voice.

The carriage barn story will not be over until we fix our system to prevent these abuses in the future and to get restitution to the 200 to 400 Janesville citizens who had their homes and barns and garages and retirement income properties confiscated by code with the same trespass and demolition they just pulled against my barn.