Quotes about views of local government

by C.A.R.D. Members


  1. “Bill Gates would never allow a company employee to arrogantly waltz into the board room and sit himself at the board table. Nor would Bill Gates allow a company employee to hand pick the corporate board committee members. But city council allows our sleazy city manager employee to do both. The council board needs to call security and get that clown in a chair at the back of the room where he can serve coffee to the citizens who attend the city council meetings. The citizens who are the stock holders of this corporation of our city.”
  2. “The city manager ups our taxes without increasing our services, but does not take a pay cut. And he’ll get his annual pay raise by greasing the palms of the city council fat cats with big dollar contracts, so they rubberstamp what he wants and look the other way. Corruption at it’s best.”
  3. “On Friday, October 7, before the city council budget meeting, a gazette article gives voice to the dictator city manager coverup of multimillion dollar failures, such as the Lowe’s project and the illegal TIF district property tax breaks to special interest fat cats, so that our taxes will get upped once again. On Tuesday after the meeting – no article in the gazette – so that means the puppet city council obviously again rubberstamped everything. We need a new city council”

We-the-People want fair representation.
We-the-People want city employee accountability.
We-the-People want our VOICE in government.

C.A.R.D. of Janesville Wisconsin is a member of the C.A.R.D.
Coalition of Wisconsin and of the C.A.R.D. National Coalition.

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