Bringing the Quinn 81 to a medical call ?! STILL

Dear Elected Council reps;
I was at the city council meeting when you all ponied up for a 4+ person pick-up truck to bring back-up for the ambulance in the event the victim “was 700 pounds and unconscious”. Because to bring the huge multi-million dollar Quinn 81 fire engine that gets 1/2 mile per gallon each time – costs us a fortune putting miles on it.
So where was that normal TRUCK today ?!
Or at any ambulance call?

The wasteful practices continue.
This infuriates tax payers,
And the fire fighter arrogance about it makes citizens seem like annoying sheep in the way of inter-municipal professional competition for more and bigger equipment.
Now a service truck barn is supposedly “the gateway to the city” and needs red brick and looks like a museum.
Out of control.
When GM was here we could afford to use the fire department to make families wealthy via moonlight double-dipping two careers of 3rd shift over-time sleeping in the fire station garage.
Those days are over! AND they already succeeded in putting a Paul Ryan in DC and as VP candidate. Our very own Kennedy-esque clans.
ENOUGH already!
Balance the budget by eliminating the glam and a big chunk of staff and overtime and get benefits and wages under control.
Then get rid of the wheel tax, garbage tax, water tax, etc. Stop doubling fines, fees, registrations, inspections, ordinances, etc.
Live off the property tax. Any fees should be extra!
No borrowing! 18 million per year “debt service” is an insidious waste; debt slavery of our FUTURE!
When Tom White retired as assistant city manager, council voted to eliminate the position because we do not need two city managers! Much less the current 3 1/2!
When Shieffer retired as city manager after 20 years of 3 to 5 percent pay raises every year, he was making MORE than the governor of the State of Wisconsin. It’s obscene.
Stop letting the staff “train” you!
Stop letting them filibuster and lobby the “budget” process.
Get us our representation back! And an authentic appeal board for citizen protection.
And we blew off Foxcomm for “shine” ?!
There was “broadcast technical difficulties” during shine’s “groundbreaking” for the their loophole facility that will have no regulation? Disgusting. And not possible to gear-up adequately for a possible nuclear meltdown.
We want our city back!!