ARISE TIF (downtown re-development Tax Increment Finance District)

Elected citizen representative City Council members;
ARISE TIF (downtown re-development Tax Increment Finance District) siphons $5.4 million from general fund over next 27 years! How will you be fixing THAT?
City employees for 10 years used CDA Community Development Authority block grant funds ($750,000/year!) to demolition over 100 affordable-neighborhood homes in order to drop the general fund property tax base. This grant money was intended to stabilize affordable-housing neighborhoods and to increase quality of life to the marginalized portion of our community. Instead, poor folks got frisked. Again.
By demolishing over 100 of our solid historic affordable homes, the general fund LOST $200,000 in property tax revenues per year! The replacement “re”-development property taxes won’t go to the general fund. That “new” money gets slushed into the TIF purse. This is so unconstitutional in so many ways, where does one begin?
Had we our 27 elected ward supervisors in attendance at last night’s council meeting, would you get away with 130 fee and fine increases to burden the general public? Would our Deupree and Tidwell have voted with Liebert and Jorgensen for a majority for the people?
Councilmembers don’t get paid? Not true. Gruber gets paid six figures by Mercy Hospital to do what he does. Like his fake interogation of the city employee at the podium. For the hospital Gruber just got two brand new city ambulances and utilizes city staff that should be layed off. The hypocrisy and conflict of interest is mind numbing and nauseating.
A comedy to those who think – a tragedy to those who feel.
We can fix this. Real representation. 28 ward supervisors, a citizen budget committee, 2 councilmembers elected from each of four city sections; East Side, West Side, South Side, and HIsrtoric Hub. (There is no “Far North-East Side”!!)
Please represent US, not special-interests, not the hired staff. We have the majority (and Gruber is not happy about THAT). Liebert, Jorgensen, Tidwell, Deupree – take it HOME for the real team !! We the People !