Appeal the Beekeeper “ordinance”

We need a Citizen Ordinance Board of private attorneys to revise our entire book of ordinances, and dump these fee-generating and government-growth violations against our rights.

The “beekeeper ordinance” passed by Janesville WI city council Monday April 8, 2019 must be appealed.

This ordinance “allows” beehives, and requires 1. $50 application fee for permit, 2. An annual $25 permit renewal, 3. Limit of two “colonies”, 4. A 20-foot set back OR 6-foot-tall “barrier”, 5. A bee-warning sign in their yard. 6. Written notice provided to neighbors within 150 feet, 7. Beehives to be more than 150 feet from designated “sensitive sites” 8. “Sensitive sites” to include any homes applied for and granted “sensitive site” designation.

Beekeeping was never illegal.

Our rights do not come from government “giving us permission”.

We are BORN with all of our rights – to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Government is to protect our rights; to prevent others from harming us or our stuff.

Beekeeping is a right, on our private property. It harms no one. It greatly benefits the environment.

Beekeeping is a home-based cottage industry private activity not requiring state licenses.

No one currently beekeeping got the idea from reading a city ordinance binder.

The ordinance does nothing to “promote” pollination or bee health. Bees don’t read ordinances.

City employees have NO training or experience in beekeeping and no business “overseeing” it in any capacity for any reason.

This ordinance is unconstitutional.

It interferes with private activity on private property.

It allows search without a warrant and city employee trespass.

It generates fees for continued unnecessary and useless government growth.

No applications or permits or permission or inspections are necessary.

No annual fees are necessary.

The fees are cost-prohibitive and counter productive to beekeeping.

The fees provide ZERO service to the beekeepers.

Bees are not “dangerous” unless they are swatted at or attacked by people with a bee allergy. People allergic to bee stings already carry an epi-pen, and don’t chase down or attack bees.

Everywhere and anywhere that a bee-allergy person is currently standing is a “sensitive site”. Would you add to the ordinance that bee-allergy folks be required to wear a sign on themselves indication their allergy?

Does demanding a sign on a beekeeper home thus require that resident to provide a box of epi-pens for any one walking by?

Does the bee yard sign verbiage have to include such words as “DANGER”, or “WARNING”, or “Per city ordinance # , etc”. What size? How large of lettering? In red? How permanent? On wire or a wood post? Manufactured and sold by whom? At what cost and whose profit?

Is a beekeeper prohibited from entertaining anyone with bee-sting allergies?

Do beekeepers have to show medical proof to city employees that no one living in their home has a bee-sting allergy in order to qualify for their permit? What is the appeal process for denial?

If a beekeeper’s home is required to post a sign AND provide written notice to neighbors within 150 feet (like sex offender notification), then maybe all “sensitive-site” homes must be required to have a sign, and to provide written notification, too.

Who keeps the “sensitive-site” city map? Is this public information? Does this violate medical information privacy rights?

In fact, “for everyone’s health, safety, and well-being” maybe every home should then list all allergies and sensitivities of all occupants and guests on a sign on a designated post just inside the curb (or sidewalk) of every home in the city, after application and fees. If the city wants to violate our rights, how about including the violation of everyone’s medical privacy rights – equally?

This ordinance is a toe-in-the-door for an ever expanding ordinance of more and more unconstitutional invasion:


1. Define the size of “one colony”

2. A “6-foot-tall barrier to encourage a higher flight path” would look like what, cost what, be constructed of what, decreases neighborhood safety from vandalism by how much, and modifies the fence ordinances how?

3. Do beehives need a blueprint, site-approval, and inspection prior to and after construction? (Like the backyard chicken coop.) With what size and material parameters and equipment?

4. What care plan and procedures for the bee colony? What bee health and nutrition standards? What protections from wintering concerns? What percentage of honey harvest amounts are allowed? What amount of bee colony artificial food-supplements are allowed? Is bee-pollen harvesting allowed? What percentage?

5. What honey-packaging kitchen commercial standards will be required? How many “restaurant” “food processing” inspections per year?

We also don’t need ordinance “permission” to have less than 50 chickens, or a compost pile, or a garden, or prairie grasses, or flowers in our front yard, or flowers that can also be edible or vegetables, or to vacation for 6 months without paying “vacancy” fees and fines and registration, or to have sidewalks forced in subdivisions against their covenants.

Nor do we need the “nuisance ordinance” that can fine a building, instead of a person, and retroactively bill police calls to the property tax, in ANY amount, to exceed the property value, for city-confiscation of the property, without due-process!!

At least the lemonade stand and the rummage sale ordinances have not been passed, as of yet.

Will we be adding a cartel of code inspectors to do an annual search-without-a-warrant “inspection” with fees, of every home and lawn, to ensure compliance with this continually growing and ridiculous list of invasions against our constitutional and private property rights?

This flood of unconstitutional ordinances needs to be reversed and repaired.

We need a Citizen Ordinance Board of private attorneys to revise our entire book of ordinances, and dump these fee-generating and government-growth violations against our rights.