7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration

7 of 10 members oppose removal of Monterey Dam without complete restoration: citizen advisory recommendation Wording is a misleading double negative

Most unfortunately, the news misleadingly will read “Committee favors dam removal”. But the opposite is the case.

Seven out of ten of the Monterey Dam Citizen Advisory Committee members are adamantly opposed to dam removal without first addressing full compensation for water depth and speed concerns. They otherwise want the dam repaired.

The motion should have read:
Passed 7 to 3; recommendation to repair the dam:

Appropriate Motion:
“The Monterey Dam should be repaired with the existing $700,000, and utilizing the buffer of an additional repair-only cash donation of $200,000 if necessary, while allowing and encouraging upgrades of adding piers, docks, access points, walk bridges, fish habitats, and shade trees for expanded opportunities of destination fishing and water recreation utilization of our existing two-mile double-dam downtown Rock River stretch of wide and deep quiet-water scenic river and lagoon; UNLESS, if the Monterey Dam were to be removed, prior to removal the full funding must be acquired upfront for the entire bidded cost of implementing all aspects of the existing concept drawing for complete river restoration to compensate for any and all worst-case-scenario possibilities of the permanent and irreversible and non-replaceable removal of our second dam, currently estimated by staff and dam-removal consultant to be a minimum of $400,000, with concerned-citizen estimates at 1 to 3 million dollars.

The repair cost has already been bidded, but cost of dam removal/restoration is simply an estimate from a concept-only drawing.

Full funding for repair already exists of the $700,000, along with an additional cash donation buffer of $200,000. But no funding currently exists for dam-after-removal restorations.

There is no DNR requirements for ANY after-removal restoration. There are many DNR barriers to after-removal restoration. There is NO current DNR approved plan.

ARISE project success and retention of existing scenic quality of life pedestrian-access stabilized river bank amenities depend upon NOT turning the river into a potential disaster of unknowns; such as neglected invasive species, stagnant mosquito breeding retention pond and marsh, and narrow shallow rapid bank-eroding channel as experienced by other communities who deaply regret the loss of their dam and ammenities

The dam removal/restoration also would concern and impact other entities down-river, Afton, Township of Rock, County of Rock; as well as tributaries up-river, including … Dawson Creek and Kiwanis Pond.

The three voters opposing Monterey Dam repair believe ardently in the removal of ANY and ALL dams at ANY cost or consequence; economic, tourism, recreation, pedestrian access, contamination. They seem to value wilderness nature over any development of urban civilian utilization of water features.

Unfortunately, the initial motion was made by one of them from this “all dams must go” perspective. And that motion was immediately modified with multiple contingencies by the other seven concerned members.

Thus, most unfortunately, the news misleadingly is “Committee unanimously supports dam removal”.

But the opposite is the case.

Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity

In support of Friends of Monterey Dam for repair

P.S. The staff prepared motion options and did handout only minutes before the vote – ! Staff facilitated and orchestrated all the meetings (agenda, minutes, presenters) with NO committee chairperson! City Manager chose the committee members and “take-out-the-dam consultant!