203 Linn, 903 McKinley TIF/CDBG!

Petrozello bought these 2 historic residential Italiante homes with TIF #33 corporate COMMERCIAL redevelopment money, saying they’d repair them. NOT.
Later she used CDBG “blight” money to bulldoze them EVEN when there were offers on the table from investors!
No CDBG board knowledge or approval.

When we brought it to the board, they said to defiantly save our CDBG funds and our history and for Jenifer to sell to the investors and save the homes.
But she already had their “prior authorization and approval” from the “annual plan”, so she smiles sweetly and ignores them and goes forward on behalf of individual commercial interests, contrary to the interests of our neighborhood, or affordable-housing retention, or economically disadvantaged residents, or the city as a whole that NEEDS a start-over neighborhood in the mix in order to function properly!!

Her written report said she’d “solicited” interest for buyers with “no results”. Really? Where? In her break room??
And she said that “repairs would be prohibitive”. Prohibitive to whom?? She loves using passive sentences.
Buyer e-mails are enclosed where she refused to allow someone to even see the homes, nor to buy repair them.
Such a wasteful sad disgusting irreplaceable LOSS. This makes citizens feel sick.
She’s leveling our neighborhood!

As a realtor at a Chamber of Commerce gathering (having to be called “Forward Janesville” due to accepting gov hand-outs) I actually overheard the following disturbing conversation.

A small group joked that Janesville didn’t need a “ghetto” neighborhood. “If we need poor people to flip our burgers or to change the sheets in our hotels, we can just bus them in from Beloit. I mean, isn’t that why we have a bus service between Janesville and Beloit?”, laughter. “Eliminate cheap housing and we get rid of the riffraff and the criminal element, right?”

They obviously don’t know the statistics, nor the bigger picture needs of a city as a whole.
If we can’t get this money via a different fiscal agent we are better off WITHOUT it at all.
The city staff as agent is in COMPLETE conflict of interest to the retention and stabilization of our neighborhood as a whole!
Idea: if some regulation requires that the city has to be the applicant for these grants in order to receive it at all – THEN our money needs to have the prerequisite that the city can only keep 5 percent as grant writer and must hand over the 95 percent to Community Action Inc as administrator. With Lynn Jones as the coordinator, her skill set already proven.
Thank you,
Andreah for C.A.R.D.