15 million annual Debt Service was our Street Repair money!

Dear current Council Members;

15 million dollars per year debt service expense was our street repair money.

Prior council members sold our future to debt slavery. We are that current reality.

You just added 18 million to that debt. Unacceptable.

We contract and hire city employees to PROTECT our freedoms so that we can be allowed to create prosperity. And they are to provide a handful of services; streets, water/sewer, trash/recycle.

We do NOT become high risk venture capitalists to charlatan panhandler outsider parasites to the current tune of over 27 million dollars of borrowed corporate-welfare funds (for just one of many; SHINE) for annexed and improved land, office space, loans, grants, tax deferments and forgiveness to an outfit who is already prematurely high-rollering founder self-benefit salaries for an operation that hasn’t made a single dollar yet. Can’t even prove their “concept” is viable, much less marketable.

A former code inspector does NOT have the skill set of a a wholesale market manipulator and is NOT qualified to advise you. The city attorney represents and defends him in a court of law on our dime and does NOT represent us or the council. He has NO businesss sitting with council members and his advise is a CONFLICT of interest. Where is private council on hand for council member inquiry ?

Gambling stops.

Debt stops.

Increased fines, fees, regulations, registrations, inspections, etc for cancerous growth of bureaucracy job security will never create or increase prosperity. UNleash our citizenry.

Eliminate ordinances. Do not create moe.

Back to basics.

Allow our citizens back to the citizen council meetings. 28 ward stewarts, 280 block captains, 21 chairs of committees and boards, Citizen APPOINTMENT Board (NOT the crippled version of “appointment suggestion committee” subject to employee acceptance), Citizen Board of Appeals (NOT the crippled version of “zoning variance rubber stamp of emplyee pet projects”).

Debt stops.
Gambling stops.
Regulation stops.
Citizen representation is restored.

Then our citizenry will be cut lose to PROSPER !

CARD Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity