Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity
"Taking back our property, our neighborhood,
our community, our country!"

C.A.R.D. is a grass roots movement, established in 2003, to clean up government, starting at the local level in our own back yards. To put democracy back into the democratic process, to return our country back to the people, to get our government back in line, to return power to the people, to protect our citizens from bureaucratic abuse of authority.

Briarmoon Carriage Barn Freedom Shrine
Briarmoon Carriage Barn Freedom Shrine

C.A.R.D. does this through organizing citizens, training citizens of our rights, gathering evidence, exposing corruption, litigating wrong doing, sharing information on law, statutes, forms, and procedures to represent oneself against government violations, monitoring government meetings and city employees, flyering important information to neighborhoods, exposing procedures and practices that violate citizen rights, seeking restitution to citizens for damages by government, implementing strategies to eradicate unethical government practices, endorsing citizen-friendly candidates, organizations, and referendums, collecting signatures on petitions, advertising for needed changes, creating policy to correct power imbalances.

C.A.R.D. does fundraisers for publications, publicity, our web sites, events, and legal fees. Our annual fundraiser is the soapbox derby. Proceeds are also raised through the sale of C.A.R.D. signature replica antique soapboxes. We encourage people to get back on your soapboxes and be heard. We accept donations of money, time, and expertise. Donations are not tax deductible at this time. Also, C.A.R.D. will sponsor Political Action Committees on behalf of members who want to raise and spend money for candidates or referendums that are endorsed by C.A.R.D.

See us every Thurday on JATV-12, Janesville citizen access TV channel 12. Thursdays at 11:00a.m., 4:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., and 1:00 a.m. Friday

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Sidewalk flyer

Firestation Concerns


Freeze Local Foreclosures
Freeze Local Foreclosures

Help Wanted - Municipal Litigation Opportunity;

Briarmoon Carriage Barn Update; 01-30-07

Briarmoon Carriage Barn Demolished 08-08-06

Will your Home be next?

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Janesville's SnoWhite
and the Seven (7) Dwarfs

Ma Zachow & Freedom Quilt.

We-the-People want fair representation.
We-the-People want city employee accountability.
We-the-People want our VOICE in government.

C.A.R.D. of Janesville Wisconsin is a member of the C.A.R.D.
Coalition of Wisconsin and of the C.A.R.D. National Coalition.
Contact us for more information.

C.A.R.D. of Janesville Wisconsin
339 South Locust Street, Janesville, Wisconsin, 53548-4655, U.S.A.
Phone: 608-754-3999

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"Taking back our property, our neighborhood, our community, our country."

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